The team

Ibon Olaskoaga 

On Media Founder. Finishing Editor/Colorist

Ibon Olaskoaga has been working in postproduction for over 30 years. After graduating from film school, his professional career started as an online editor in some of the most popular post-production studios in Barcelona. Later he moved to Los Angeles where he worked for CNN en español, NBC, and Univision as program editor and post producer of numerous sports, entertainment and news programs. For over a decade Ibon has been devoted to his passion, documentary films. He has worked as a director, editor, and post supervisor on more than twenty award winning feature documentaries. Ibon’s strong technical background has been always a great asset to facilitate the work of the independent filmmakers. He brings hands-on expertise, a creative eye, and a multidisciplinary view for making your film on-lining, color grading and finishing a smooth ride.

Enara Calleja

Remote Colorist & Technical advisor

After graduating on Communications from “Universidad Complutense” in Madrid, Enara Calleja moved to Barcelona, city where she has forged a strong reputation on all thing’s postproduction. She has worked as post supervisor in 12 long feature documentary productions for Bausan films, a European player in high quality documentaries and the company that produced “Balseros” (a.k.a Cuban Rafters), the only Spanish documentary nominated for an Oscar.   

Kylee Acevedo

Post-production assistant

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Kylee Acevedo is an editor and graphic designer, originally from Massachusetts. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Media from Fitchburg State University, where she studied Film/Video and Graphic Design. Post-grad, she now resides in Berkeley, California, where she primarily works in post-production on documentary films. She brings to On Media her attention to detail and warm personality.